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Emo Night Boston

An Introduction to the Emo Night

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Emo Night Boston

A very brief introduction…

“Another one?”

Emo Night Boston has been around in one form or another for the better part of the past four or five years. I recall receiving an invite in 2014 to an edition of “Tell All Your Friends,” a DJ night at Good Life in the heart of downtown Boston hosted by DJ ABD (Salim from Bad Rabbits) and some other pals. I don’t remember exactly what time of year it was, but I remember A) not going, and B) it was raining and I wanted to stay home and throw back a few more PBRs by myself.

After that, the Emo Night Boston as I (and many others) know and love started up at Brick and Mortar, helmed by local writer Luke O’Neil, and local DJ Texas Mike. The Brick and Mortar edition of Emo Night continued for one more night in 2015, before moving over to Emo Night Boston’s current home at the Sinclair Kitchen, where it thrives monthly to this day with Luke and Nick Grieco, a local musician, marketing dude, and artist advocate, taking over the decks.

So where do I come in? Barely fucking anywhere. I take photos, I scribble and yell, and I get in people’s faces about music I think they should be taking more seriously. I started going to Emo Night towards the end of 2015 (or early 2016 I can’t remember I was drunk a lot), and worked my way into the wonderful world of the “regular” crowd. I had known both Nick and Luke for a few years, and I was lucky enough to make quite a few close friends through Emo Night Boston. A group of regulars that I very much do consider some of my closest friends, and about as close as I’ll get to a family in New England.

At the end of 2017 I somewhat vaguely and randomly pitched Luke and Nick on the idea of using my photos for Emo Night’s social media, and now I provide a good chunk of the visual content you see on Emo Night’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Nicole, our wonderful Art Director, makes the most badass flyers in the game, and they’re about 1000x more visually appealing than my mediocre concert and portrait work.

My goal? To give the audience of Emo Night Boston rad visual and interactive content that keep them listening to their favorite music, exploring new music, getting out to shows, and most importantly, coming to Emo Night. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Adam Parshall

Adam Parshall